Jan 3, 2013

Meet The Blogger - BBC Good Food

Happy New Year to all my lovely & hungry readers.  We just arrived back from Paris yesterday and let me tell you I am BEYOND ready to get back in the kitchen,  Once I get some sleep of course.  Being surrounded by all that bounty-o-butter really gets the oven heated, hah!

Before I share with you all the kitchen gadgets I bought and the delicate morsels I inhaled (I caught my husband eating one of the macaroons I brought back this morning, he was mid-bite and I howled 'what-are-you-doing-with-my-research!!!' I first want to let you in on some very exciting news! 

BBC GoodFood Middle East featured Pastry School Diaries in their 'Meet the Blogger' section in the January edition.  I was so honored and beyond flattered that they asked me to participate, especially coming from such a prestigious magazine. 

I cannot begin to express my thanks to BBC and to all of my readers. I really do write this blog for all of you. I do not make any money off the blog.  I don't advertise (well, I do have these google adds but trust me they do not generate revenue...in 6 months I've gathered half a euro.  But they do help pull in traffic from Google).  I write this blog for the simple fact that I love baking.  I love sharing advice and helping others who are intimidated or utterly lost in the kitchen.  Give me a bag of candy and some butter and I will do my best to create some magic.  Each recipe leads to the next, and I hope I've inspired you too!

Something I discovered this past year is unique food sparks conversation and creates happiness.  Gooeyness in a bite can make anyone feel like a kid again.  You can't beat that.

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