I am dedicating this blog to my queen, Martha Stewart.  Without her I would have never gotten into the design business and most probably never learned how to fold a fitted sheet properly.  Thanks Martha

Second in command to Martha is of course Ina Garten aka the Barefoot Contessa.  Ina is also very dear to my heart, I trust her recipes completely.  This woman knows how to throw a party and whip up cocktails with her man-friends when Jeffery is out of town.  You gotta love that.

Baked.  My go-to for everything fabulous.  These guys truly are my baking inspiration.

And a few of my other favorite baking links that I'm sure you'll love too:

I love Stephanie's practical approach to her recipes.  In essence, she makes everything easy, plus most recipes have video instruction guaranteeing less 'oh god what do I do now?!?!' moments


Amazing cakes, I've saved just about them all:

No need to explain here, she's THE cookie resource