Sep 1, 2014

Appologies for not posting any new recipes in over a month (I wish I could say I'm dieting but that will never happen.  Sugar and butter take up way too much of my food pyramid) but I've been working on a very exciting new project.

If you live in Dubai, get ready...I'm coming to your door.  Well, sort of.  I've started an online bakeshop via Instagram (@whipped_dubai) and will be selling various desserts at the Arte markets every month under the brand, Whipped.

As much as I adore baking & blogging, a girl needs an income too.  So, I thought, let's see if there is a market out there for my creations.  I'm going to initially focus on Americana desserts.  Goodies that are hard to come by here in the UAE (whoopie pies, anyone?)

Why the name Whipped?  Funny enough when I first started blogging, I never-ever in my sweet life made home made whipped cream.  Sorry, I'm American and we Cool-Whip-It.  It's easy, cheap, and damn good eaten frozen from the tub.  But honestly, I never knew any better.  It's just what we use.  So when I began experimenting and teaching myself new techniques (like fresh whipped cream) I was in awe of that fluff.  I put it on everything...take a look at my pies and tarts section.  You'll never see a naked pie in my kitchen.  Eva. 

And it's such a wonderful blank canvas!  I've created so many versions, from my lemoncello whip, to the hot chocolate, Bailey's, caramel, you name it, I fluffed it.  So hence the name Whipped.  From where my infatuation of home made desserts started.

Ready to have a taste of Whipped?  Be sure to check out my Instagram page (@Whipped_Dubai) for weekly specials and in the coming weeks I'll have the Facebook page active to purchase from too.  But more than anything I'd love to see you in person and have a chat about sugar.  Come see me at the Arte Market September 12th at Times Square in Dubai.   For more information on the Arte markets click here.

When Love Doughnuts asked me to do a review and taste test (as in to determine the flavors without knowing what I was eating) I was all in. Who would ever say no to that? Maybe someone with a waistline..but not me.

I started following Love Doughnuts on Instagram because of their daily posts.  Basically doughnut porn.  I think part of the lure for me is they are located in Abu Dhabi and not in close proximity to my mouth.  So you know, distance makes the heart (and stomach) grow fonder.

But in all honestly and hunger aside.  Love Doughnuts are onto something.  Their flavors are innovative and playful, something any good dessert should be.  They're producing a product that has a niche market and doing something truly unique.  The doughnut is timeless.  I took that from Homer by the not THE Greek poet, Homer

I'm talking about Homer Simpson, doughnut aficionado...and this idea of a timeless, endearing 'Love' for the doughnut will always work to their advantage. 

And can we talk about their packaging for a minute?

Each individual flavor has it's own compartment, all stacked in a tower of caloric deep-fried heaven.  I took one look at this and thought, I would pay just as much for this beautiful box as I would the contents.   In a country where taste and statement is everything to many, Love Doughnuts nailed it.  If this box had a strap I might just wear it as a purse.  A doughnut purse.  That's all my love handles need.
So let's get to the flavors.  I was asked to first guess what I was eating before they let me in on the names.  Here's a line up of what was sent, and what I guessed:

My guess: White Chocolate with Chocolate Flake
Actual Flavor: White Belgium Chocolate

My guess: Strawberry Cheesecake
Actual Flavor: Obvi, Strawberry Cheesecake!

My guess: Caramel Apple
Actual Flavor: Toffee Apple Snickers

My guess: Lime and Passion fruit with White Chocolate Glaze
Actual Flavor: White Chocolate Pistachio with Lemon Passion fruit 
My guess: Triple Chocolate
Actual Flavor: Chocolate Neapolitan
If you're living in Abu Dhabi, lucky you!  You're only a quick car ride away from a visit to Love Doughnuts.  Well worth it I assure you.  You can find them in the Guardian Towers, Technip Building, Muroor Abu Dhabi.  
Instagram @love_dougnuts or