*where is my fork*

I'm an American girl wandering in the middle east with two amazing (and loud!) little boys and a desire to bake my husband happy, hah!  I found myself in Dubai a little over 7 years ago after moving here from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I attended UNLV, graduating with a B.S. in Interior Architecture (go rebels!...although I never once went to a football game, just seems like a good thing to say).  I came to the UAE looking to boost my career and gain some excellent experience working abroad.  Little did I know I'd meet my hubby and settle down with two kids so far from home! 

I started this blog for the simple reason that I love to bake.  Nothing makes me happier than to prepare something special for the ones I love and have them devour it.  'Nom nom nom' are the best words you could ever tell me.

I'm hoping that through this blog I can teach myself how to bake like a professional and turn this hobby into something more.  Lately I've found myself in a baking rut. I seem to only prepare things I know are 'safe' and 'do-able'. Basically stuff I know I won't f-up. Maybe even more so now that I have a family. Time is precious and baking only occurs during nap time (or Barney).  I hope this blog will help me (and you!) hone in on my skills and take this passion to the next level.

Now go get your butter out of the fridge it's time to 'beat till fluffy'

*July 2013 update:

Just this month I received my certificate for completing the Patisserie Techniques program at the International Center for Culinary Arts here in Dubai.  It was a wonderful journey and I'm grateful for all the practical and beyond useful techniques and tricks-of-the-trade I picked up from a truly masterful group of chefs. 

Can I wear a chefs hat now?!