Sep 1, 2014

Appologies for not posting any new recipes in over a month (I wish I could say I'm dieting but that will never happen.  Sugar and butter take up way too much of my food pyramid) but I've been working on a very exciting new project.

If you live in Dubai, get ready...I'm coming to your door.  Well, sort of.  I've started an online bakeshop via Instagram (@whipped_dubai) and will be selling various desserts at the Arte markets every month under the brand, Whipped.

As much as I adore baking & blogging, a girl needs an income too.  So, I thought, let's see if there is a market out there for my creations.  I'm going to initially focus on Americana desserts.  Goodies that are hard to come by here in the UAE (whoopie pies, anyone?)

Why the name Whipped?  Funny enough when I first started blogging, I never-ever in my sweet life made home made whipped cream.  Sorry, I'm American and we Cool-Whip-It.  It's easy, cheap, and damn good eaten frozen from the tub.  But honestly, I never knew any better.  It's just what we use.  So when I began experimenting and teaching myself new techniques (like fresh whipped cream) I was in awe of that fluff.  I put it on everything...take a look at my pies and tarts section.  You'll never see a naked pie in my kitchen.  Eva. 

And it's such a wonderful blank canvas!  I've created so many versions, from my lemoncello whip, to the hot chocolate, Bailey's, caramel, you name it, I fluffed it.  So hence the name Whipped.  From where my infatuation of home made desserts started.

Ready to have a taste of Whipped?  Be sure to check out my Instagram page (@Whipped_Dubai) for weekly specials and in the coming weeks I'll have the Facebook page active to purchase from too.  But more than anything I'd love to see you in person and have a chat about sugar.  Come see me at the Arte Market September 12th at Times Square in Dubai.   For more information on the Arte markets click here.